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The Copy, Play and Learn Guitar revolution is empowering everyday kids to a bright musical future

No ordinary kids’ guitar book. Copy, Play and Learn – the Professional’s secret weapon

A guitar teaching note reading program using the principles of observation, imitation and pattern recognition.

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Don’t struggle with old, outdated teaching methods

Children are kinaesthetic and visual learners. They learn best and naturally by copying the actions of an instructor. A young child learns differently to an older child. Copy, Play and Learn Guitar works with a child’s natural learning processes and is age appropriately designed for a child’s level of cognition.

Kids, parents and teachers love Copy, Play and Learn guitar

Kids explore the co-relation of; pitch on the stave and on the strings of the guitar and the alphabetical order of note names.


  • Specially designed for kids from 5 years
  • Uses the natural kinaesthetic and visual way kids learn
  • Play guitar and read music without stress
  • Positive outcomes, instant success
  • Educational, fun, easy and progressive
  • A complete guitar teaching system with cool backing tracks


How to teach guitar to young kids

Why kids love Copy, Play and Learn Guitar


Read What Others Have to Say About Copy, Plan & Learn

Mr Leader has captured the attention of the young guitarist with a storyline that runs through this excellent book and gives the beginner a chance to play without the hassle of understanding the full language of music first up. Young beginners have enough trouble finding the correct string without the added burden of fully understanding all of the symbols. The CD is an excellent addition and allows practice to be more engaging and opens the wonderful world of guitar to young players.

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You can try Copy, Play & Learn risk-free

I have so much confidence in Copy, Play and Learn Guitar, that if you don’t think that it is the best learn to play guitar system for kids you’ve ever used, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund!

Bryce Leader